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April 7, 2013
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“Hey ______!” One of your female coworkers flagged you down on the way to the front desk. She was nice to be around, but loved to gossip. “What’s up?”

“Have you seen the customer at the door? He’s totally hot!”

          Seeing your confused look, she tugged on your sleeve and pointed (So rude!) As your (e/c) eyes met his, you couldn’t help but blush lightly. Oh my gosh…


    A man with tan skin stood outside the glass doors, scrutinizing one of our ‘Buy 1 Get 1 Free!’ signs. He was tall with dark brown hair, and a curl that seemingly defied gravity.

    You tapped your coworkers arm, still not looking away from the mysterious customer. “You really weren’t kidding…That guy’s got to be some type of model!” The woman nodded eagerly. Smirking, she looked to you again.

    “Y’know _____, when you started working here, there was a rumor that all through high school, you were never able to snag yourself a boyfriend.”

    You cleared your throat, clearly uncomfortable with the topic. Of course, you hadn’t ever went out with anyone, or had your first kiss yet, but what does that matter? You could do it if you put your mind to it…right?

    “W-What does this have to do with anything?” You questioned, wide-eyed.

    The woman chuckled. “My point is, go prove them wrong! Look at that guy, he’s totally date-worthy! All you need is a little push.”

    Before you could protest, the giddy coworker had shoved in the direction of the handsome customer. He crossed his arms as you stumbled over to him, an annoyed frown etched into his features.

    You blushed embarrassedly, smoothing the wrinkles in your uniform. Alright ____, it’s now or never! You met the man’s eyes, wearing the sweetest smile you could muster. “Hello there sir, welcome to-”

    “Cut the crap, ragazza. I just want-a to get in, by a pet, and-a get out.”

    Well. Wasn’t that princely? He shoved past you and headed straight for the cat pen, which really surprised you. This jerk wants a cat? Despite your quickly falling respect for the customer, your job was to assist him in getting a ‘fluffy buddy for life’, and if you failed to do so, you’d be out of a job. Again.

    You followed behind him with great difficulty. Really, what was this guy on? He was going at a fast pace for just walking. He’d wound around many enclosures before stopping abruptly, causing you to run into his back with a yelp.

    He whipped around his head in rage. “Why are you-a frickin’ following me, idiota ragazza? Can’t-a you see I’m trying to shop!?!”

    That’s when it happened. You snapped. You fixed the man with a cold glare, balling your hands up into fists.

    “Now you look here, mister. I’ve taken a lot of butt-load of crap from ungrateful customers in my short time working, as well as in my life in general. But you, by far, are the rudest person I have ever met. This is a flipping pet store, for goodness’ sakes! It isn’t rush-hour, so there’s no need to act like such a jerk. If you want to keep up the tough-guy act, there’s a door. I suggest you use it.”

    You didn’t look to see his reaction. In a huff, you turned on your heel, preparing to head back to the main desk. That is, until the man grabbed your wrist.

    “What do you want?” you snarled, ripping your hand out of his grasp. You saw him staring intently at the store floor (Hey, that rhymes!), a large blush coating his cheeks. Wait…why was he blushing?

    “Look,” he glanced at your name tag, “_______, I’m-a really sorry for acting like-a such a bastardo. C-Could you…could you-a help me pick out a cat?”

    Your eyes widened in shock. D-Did he seriously just…apologize? Seeing how much he struggled asking for help, you could tell he didn’t say the word ‘sorry’ too often. Fighting to hold back the giggles you nodded. This guy was a bit of a jerk, but he was also a cute little teddy bear on the inside!

    As you led him back to the kitten pen, you tried to strike up a conversation.

    “So stranger, got a name?” You began. He smirked slightly.

    “My name? Isn’t-a that a bit of a personal question for an employee, ____?”

    You scoffed, starting to smirk yourself. This guy was pretty sharp. For a customer, that is. This guy wants to play hard ball? Fine then, I’ll play hard ball.

    As soon as you arrived at the enclosure, the mystery man had started studying each of the felines, from the fluffiest to the hairless. After a few minutes of this, you spoke up.

    “So Mario, are any of them sticking out to you?” (For all Italians that got offended reading this, I am truly sorry. For those who didn’t…welp, you get a cookie!)

    He raised an eyebrow, as if asking ‘You know I could sue for this, right?’. Instead of blowing up like you initially thought he would however, he chuckled. “You’re a clever ragazza, _____. Actually, I was interested in the-a cat over in that corner.”

    He pointed (Rude again!) to the tan Calico that separated itself from the others. You remembered that cat. Just a few weeks ago, you had been tasked with bathing him. You still had the scars. Eventually though, he’d grown on you. Just like this guy… you thought, causing you to giggle a little.

    The man squinted at you, confused. “What are you-a laughing at?” You composed yourself, scooping the cat out of the pen. “Nothing, Mario.”


    “Come again?” You said, stroking the cat’s fine coat.

    The man put his hands in his pockets, looking you in the eye for the first time the whole afternoon. “My name, it’s Lovino Vargas.”

    You grinned. Lovino Vargas, huh…You shook your head, trying to keep your job in mind.

    “Alright Lovi,” he flinched, muttering a quiet ‘Don’t-a frickin’ call me that!’, “This little guy had a bit of a rough start. We took him in from a shelter a month ago. They said that he wasn’t fed often enough, so I suggest taking him in only if you have enough money to pay for his meals.”

    Lovino nodded, stating that that wouldn’t be a problem. Getting that out of the way, you continued. “Also, he hates loud noises, so I don’t think a party atmosphere would be the best place for him…I think that’s about it.”

    You scratched under the cat’s chin, earning you a small purr. You saw Lovino with his arms crossed again…was he glaring at the cat? Wow, did this guy get jealous! Then, a light bulb went off in your head.

    “Would you like to hold him? A good bond should be established between an owner and his pet.”

    Looking up at you, Lovino nodded, taking the cat from your arms. As he caressed the little kitten, you were taken aback. For one thing, the Calico wasn’t scratching his face off! It was a miracle! Second, what’s cuter than a hot guy holding a kitten? Nothing you’ve seen!

    You walked the pair to the check-out desk, having him sign some paperwork and all that good stuff. He was almost the owner of his new cat, he just had one question left: What’s the cat’s name?

    Lovino asked you about it, causing you to stroke your imaginary beard in thought. Then it hit you. “Luigi!”

    All was silent. Well it was, until Lovino nearly died laughing. Eventually, you joined in too. It was contagious! Of course, the two of you looked like freaks to the other customers, but bump them. This was really fun!

     Once you two had calmed down, Lovino really did name his cat Luigi, the sweetheart. Before the pair left, he slid you a folded up piece of paper. Winking, he strode out the door. Boy, was he cute!

    Unfolding the paper, you saw his phone number, a date, and a time. Also, there was a doodle of a little tomato in the bottom corner. You grinned. This job wasn’t as bad as you thought it was, after all.

---------------------------------------------In the Break Room--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

          The gossiping coworker nudged the manager, pointing (Dang! How rude are these people!) at your smiling face.

          “Pay up!” She giggled, triumphant.

          The manager cursed under his breath, reaching inside his back pocket. “I could of sworn that guy would ditch her.”

          The female coworker just sat back and smirked. “I knew you had it in you, ____!”

Yups, I have done it~! This is my first Romano x Reader and I have to say, I'm rather proud of it.

:D I can't stop smiling...


Anywho, I do not own Hetalia or you.

Because Romano owns you.


Intro: [link]
Please Comment~! :D
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