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“Hey ______!” One of your female coworkers flagged you down on the way to the front desk. She was nice to be around, but loved to gossip. “What’s up?”

“Have you seen the customer at the door? He’s totally hot!”

          Seeing your confused look, she tugged on your sleeve and pointed (So rude!) As your (e/c) eyes met his, you couldn’t help but blush lightly. Oh my gosh…


When I looked up, I saw not one, but three exceptionally attractive *cough* downright sexy *cough* men walking towards the main desk, just waiting to be served.

          The one on the left had unkempt, seemingly silver hair that partially covered his blood-red eyes. His pale face wore a smirk practically screamed ‘Come at me, world!’.

          The man on the right had a much tanner complexion, complimenting his forest-green eyes. His hair was also pretty unruly, the dark brown locks bouncing to and fro as he smiled his toothy smile.

          The man in the dead center was no let-down compared to the others. His eyes were a wonderful shade of sky-blue, slightly hidden behind the long blonde hair cascading to his shoulders. He had this relaxed air about him that could be spotted any day.

          After just 10 long seconds of ogling these mystery men, you knew one thing for sure:

You were smitten.                                                         

           It seems that your coworker had caught your love-struck gaze, because she dragged you off to the break room, ending your midday fantasy. Once there, you noticed how sweaty your palms were. You wiped them on your uniform, frowning in disgust.

           Looking up, you saw your coworker staring at you with a knowing smirk.

“W-What?” You squeaked.

“_____, I’ve been out of the dating game a long time, but even I can tell you’ve got the hots for those guys.”

You crossed your arms, a blush creeping onto your cheeks.

“Look,” she began, “I know how hard it is to talk to guys. But let’s face it, ____. You’re just straight up antisocial. Remember the employee bash last month? How many people did you even attempt to talk to?”

You shrunk back further, knowing she was right. That party was a total waste for you. You felt weird, being around so many people without actually knowing anyone. Eventually, you just left out the backdoor, enveloping yourself in the warm cocoon of solitude.

Your coworkers voice regained your attention. “If you’re ever going to get over your person-o-phobia or whatever, it’d better be now.”

You snuck another glance at the three customers outside the door. The silvered haired one was repeatedly tapping the checkout bell, the blonde one was checking himself out in the enclosures’ glass, and the brunette was wondering around aimlessly, sometimes commenting on how cute an animal was.

Your coworker gave you a reassuring thumbs-up, followed by a ‘Good luck, _____!’ as you strode up to the trio, pasting on a ‘Service with a Smile’ expression as you did.

All eyes were on you as you stopped, trembling hands clasped together. You can do this!

You took a deep breath. “Welcome to-”

“Bonjour, mon petite fleur~!”

The blonde man cut off your introduction, grasping your hand and kissing the top with much fanfare.

Your face flushed a deep scarlet, letting out a faint squeak as you jumped back. The albino snickered as the blonde man pulled back, smirking.

“Kesesesese~! Look at the little frau, her face is so red, it’s almost awesome!”

You frowned, thoroughly hurt to be made fun of by strangers. The brunette noticed this and slung his arm around your shoulders, only making your blush deeper and the albino to cackle louder.

 “Gilbert! Francis! You two should know better than to mess with a defenseless chica!”

D-Defenseless!?! That was it. They’d all just crossed the line with that comment. You glanced around the store, making sure there were no witnesses. Just when the trio had noticed your ominous silence, you struck. There was a stomp on the foot for Francis, a slap in the face for Gilbert, and a chop to the arm for…whoever the Spanish guy was.

All of the recoiled in pain, stroking their respective injuries while giving you a ‘WTF!?!’ face. A wave of confidence splashing over you, your hands planted themselves on your hips.

“Let me get something straight, dear customers. I am no pushover. I will not tolerate any behavior below what is expected of you. And I am most definitely not weak. Now if you keep yourselves in order, you’ll get your pet, we’ll part ways, and you’ll never have to think about this day again. If you step out of line however,” You smirked, a dangerous glint in your eyes.

“We don’t want that, now do we?”

The trio gulped…well, Antonio did. The other two were both frightened and aroused by your little speech.

Your stone face returned. “Am I understood?”

“Yes, frau!”

“Yes, chica!”

“Yes, fille!”

You grinned triumphantly, stepping up to the tanner man. “You, sir!”

He looked straight back into your eyes and nodded, all of his previous fears flying out the door.

“What’s your name?” You asked.

He beamed. “I am Antonio Fernandez Carriedo, though you can call my Toni, chica.”

You couldn’t help but giggle at his accent. What? It was just so friggin’ adorable!

“Well then ‘Toni’, what pet are you interested in purchasing today?” You had to get the conversation back to your job before your boss fired you.

“Oh! I wanted to take a look at the sea turtles. I don’t think I’ll have a problem getting one, when I’m at the beach, they like to swarm around me!            

You looked at him with a really confused smile for a second before showing him to the sea turtle exhibit, the other two men in tow. He pressed his face up against the glass, leaving fingerprints all over the place. I’m gonna have to clean that up later…what a childish man!

After he did his observing, you pointed out a specific sea turtle; a baby one, to be exact. He was doing what all the older turtles thought was plain ridiculous: swimming against the current. The Spaniard showed great interest in this turtle’s uphill battle, even the Frenchman and the albino were making ‘wooting’ noises in the background, cheering the little fella on.

Just as the amphibian (Turtles ARE amphibians, not reptiles. I checked. :D) overcame the whole current, Antonio tapped on your shoulder. You looked up to see him still smiling at the turtle, as if in a daze. “I’ll be taking that one, chica.”He whispered.

You took that opportunity to make a joke. “Are you sure you want a sea turtle. I mean, it’d be the ideal pet for you if you plan on living a couple more centuries.”

You waited for some sort of reaction, even if it was a comment on your stale sense of humor. But for some reason, he just stared back at you with a small smile, his eyes full of knowing. Weird…

You nodded, directing him to the waiting room so he could fill out all the necessary paperwork. Immediately after that, you regretted sending the only level-headed one away. That left you with Frenchie and Red-Eyes. Awesome.

You approached the Frenchman first, finding him to be the most gentlemanly. At the time, that is.

“Excuse me, Francis?” He looked up from examining his nails and smiled.

“And what could I do for you, mon amour?”

It took all of your power not to roll your eyes and blush at his ‘compliments’. Is that a rose in his hand? Where did that…? You shook your head to clear your thoughts.

“What kind of pet were you interested in?”

Francis began to stroke his stubbly beard, feigning a look of deep thought.

“Now zat you ask, _____, I don’t know what animal would zuit moi. Tell me, do you ‘ave an animal zat captures the ‘earts of women, embodies the very essence of beauty, and can rival even my own allure?”

It was probably meant to be a rhetorical question, seeing how he moved with such conviction. You just scoffed, crossing your arms again. “Follow me, please. I believe we have such a pet in the back.”

You heard an ‘ _____ ,‘ow you wound me!’ as you stopped in front of the baby bird exhibit.

You looked to your side to see not only Francis against the glass, but Gilbert too! Man, it’s like these three were made for each other!

“Kesesese~! Look at zhe awesome bird on zhe cardboard tree!” You followed his pointed finger (Rudeness!) to a fluffy little bird, duking it out with one of the slightly larger birds. “Zhat guy’s obviously going to win zhis round!”

Just as he said, the bird pecked relentlessly at the other, bringing the fight to the forest floor.

Francis ‘tsked’ before turning to the German (at least you thought he was German…). “You simpleton! Can you not zee the group of female chicks in ‘is corner? Of course the bigger bird is going to win!”

You sat back and watched as the chaos unfolded. The birds fought just as violently as the two men outside the enclosure, each of them choosing sides and naming their birds (The guys, I mean. Not the birds.).

As an employee, you kinda felt it was your job to stop fights in the store. Then again, this was freaking hilarious. You couldn’t hold it back anymore. You giggled like a clown on steroids. Of course, this caused both of the men to look up from their bickering in surprise, faces lightly flushed.

In an attempt to turn the attention away from yourself, you decided to get back at them. “Kesesese~! Look at your faces, they’re so red, they’re almost awesome!”

Yep. That really didn’t help you out in your predicament. After a few seconds of silence, Gilbert cracked a smile, soon followed by Francis. As you three walked to the checkout desk, Gilbert patted your back.

“Y’know _____, you’re one awesome frau.”

“Oui, I must agree with Gil on zhis one, mon petite. You’re quiet the firecracker.”

These comments caused you to blush wildly, muttering a cute ‘Thanks’ as you handed out the paperwork.

Back in the waiting room, Antonio had finished nearly all of his paperwork. He was still pondering the name.

“______, what do you think?”

You ran a hand through your hair. “Erm…A lot of the customers name their pets after themselves. Except for one guy who name his turtle ‘Dog’…”

Suddenly, a light bulb went off in the Spaniard’s spacious head. He scribbled down a name and handed you the papers.

You giggled at his choice: Little Diablo

The other men had already chosen names: Gilbird and Pierre. Very suiting, very suiting indeed. You stood behind the front desk, seeing them off.

Antonio grinned at you. “I had a lot of fun with you today, mi ______.”

Francis and Gilbert nodded in agreement.

“Yeah frau, zhou should totally spend time with us und my awesome five meters!”

“______, mon belle, you ‘ave won my ‘eart in under an ‘our. Congratulations~”

You blushed slightly, brushing your (h/l) (h/c) locks to the side. It seems these three rascals could quite kind.

Gilbert pulled a small slip of paper out of his back pocket, the trio’s contact information scrawled in red pen. You looked up to see them winking at you-in unison!- as they walked out the glass doors.

You smiled, clutching the paper to your chest.

This job rocks!

Woah, this turned out to be a lot longer than I planned it to be...
Oh well, more to fagirl over~
I hope none of them are OOC...
Oh yeah! Before I forget, I need sme help deciding whom to write a chapter for next. So please comment with either:
or... the F.A.C.E. family.


Anywho, I don't own Hetalia.
These guys own you: :iconsexyprussia2plz: :iconsexyfrance2plz: :iconsexyspainplz:
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